HIFraser Group - Sydney

HIFraser Group - Sydney

6/5 Vuko Pl, Warriewood NSW 2102, Australia



HIFraser is proud to be the Australian in-country partner for TeamTec.

TeamTec incinerators are highly regarded within the commercial marine and naval industry for offering alternatives to the costly and difficult practice of disposing waste.

The incinerators supplied by HIFraser deal with the following types of waste:

Sludge from heavy oil powered engines

  • Waste oil
  • Lubricants
  • Solid waste – cardboard, plastics, paper, wood, rubber, cloth, oily rags
  • Food waste
  • Hospital waste (in remote sites)

The high-tech Teamtec incinerators offer:

  • Economic and practical solution when considering alternate means of dealing with waste
  • Fully automated, computerised operation
  • Operation at high temperatures to enable an increased capacity
  • Compact and efficient design

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