Hoisting Wire Rope and Sling

Hoisting Wire Rope and Sling

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Polyester Rope

Polyester Rope

HWRS offers a variety of polyester and polyester blended ropes, which are stronger and are more abrasion resistant than nylon rope.  Unlike nylon rope, polyester has a low stretch factor. This is characteristic that makes polyester a popular choice for boating and marine applications. Another property of this rope is that it is UV resistant. Below is a list of the traits of polyester rope.

Advantages of Polyester Rope

Very strong

Little to no stretch

Retains strength when wet

High melting point

UV resistant

Excellent abrasion resistance

Non conductive to electricity

Good resistance to alkalis and acids at room temperature. As the temperature increases, the resistance decreases.

Excellent resistance to petroleum based products, bleaches

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