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The Carry-All II Push Cart is designed for safety, durability, and maneuverability...Built of high density polyethylene, it is specifically designed for use when close observation of the passenger is desired. Hospitals find it particularly adaptable to their needs.

The Carry-All II Wagon is designed for safety, durability, and efficient storage...Built of high density polyethylene, it is ideal for use in amusement parks, zoological gardens, malls, and museums.


Mahoning Valley Industrial Inc.Carry_All Wagon Colors

Designed to carry children or supplies

Two Pull Models available.

Semi-pneumatic tires with ball bearing wheels, or pneumatic

tires for a softer ride.

Two sets of safety straps for children or cargo

Replacement parts readily available

Comfortable heavy duty push handle on the push model

T-grip handle with handle grips on the wagon model

The wagon model features No-Tilt safety steering

UPS shippable

Stackable - designed to nest 3 units high in a 20"x40" floor area.

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