Surface Finishing

Manek Metal Pvt Ltd is well equipped with the surface finishing facilities. With the availability surface finishing facilities, we are able to manufacture the most innovative and well finished  products. Using the surface finishing processes, an already manufactured product can be given a new look as per requirement. Surface finishing processes can be employed to improve appearance and ensure the smooth finishing of the product. Surface finishing techniques can also be used to increase the resistivity of the product. Burrs and other surface flaws can be removed and a balanced surface friction can be maintained using the surface finishing processes. The surface finishing processes are categorized by the purpose to either remove or reshape the finished product or add or alter the existing design. These surface finishing techniques can also be used to restore original dimensions in cases when the finished product does not turn out to be as expected. The added facility of surface finishing has enhanced the product quality and durability.We have vibro finish Bench grinder/polisher buffing and auto polisher machinery.

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