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Log Flare Butt Reducer

Log Flare Butt Reducer

Log Flare Butt Reducer

Model 70E - Log Flare Butt Reducer


Mellott Model 70E Log Flare Butt Reducer is designed and built with the same rugged quality as the LMR Debarkers and across all the Mellott product lines. Adding a log flare butt reducer to your mill infeed system will vastly reduce log handling problems and improve productivity.

The Mellott log butt flare reducer standard unit will handle 12” to 48” diameter logs with a maximum flare diameter of 60” and log lengths of 8 ft. up to 17 ft.

The overhead hold down wheels can be operated with hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.

The bullwheels are driven with a 10 HP Sumitomo helical bevel reducer.

Optional 60 HP hydraulic power source with 45 gpm pressure compensated pump, 200 gallon tank, fully assembled and tested.

The machine has an automatic control system with the option of a wireless remote control.

The log butt flare reducer can be a stand alone machine or can be supplied with infeed decks or log trough conveyors.

Mellott systems are custom designed as required.   Our customers benefit by having manufacturing along with our on-site engineering and design capabilities and our willingness to work together to provide the best options for each project.

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