Mini Gears (stockport) Ltd

Mini Gears (stockport) Ltd

 Top Gear House, Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate, 10 Bletchley Rd, Heaton Mersey, Cheshire, Stockport SK4 3ED, United Kingdom



Mini Gears has been manufacturing gear racks for a wide range of industries since 1995 and, through gaining a full understanding of the requirements of this market which has led to continual growth, a huge area of our machine shop is dedicated to rack manufacture.

Mini Gears’ most beneficial innovation is our development of a special tooth profile for the stairlift market that makes a stairlift run quiet and smooth which has helped the end user enormously.

In all the markets we serve the team of engineers at Mini Gears is dedicated to improving the performance of our customers’ products and our specialist way of cutting racks now sees us producing over 762,000 metres (2.5 million feet) of gear rack per annum.

All gear racks are finish cut on our specialist machines to a commercial tolerance.

Rack Cutting at Mini Gears

 We have developed a successful working relationship with Mini Gears which continues to be mutually beneficial and can recommend them as a reliable, communicative supplier who, to date, has continuously explored opportunities to improve service and costs

Stairlift Industry


Our rack division is extensive and has a range of machinery to cut, mill and drill gear racks.

Maximum length: 3 metresMaximum pitch: 4 Mod (6DP)


Steel, stainless steel & aluminium

We can offer various corrosion resistant treatments such as Nitrotec® and zinc plating.

A wide range of CNC machining centres for Milling & Drilling

Milling & Drilling Racks up to 3 metres long

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