Moose Manufacturing

Moose Manufacturing

10032 29a Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1A8, Canada



Steel & Aluminum Manufacturing

We build your product to your specifications. Whether it's angle iron, tube, flat bar, I-beam, or anything else, Moose MFG has a long record of "getting things done the right way".

Repairing & Refurbishing

Does your product need repaired?

Moose MFG specializes in fixing steel and aluminum products, we'll also offer our advice on how to improve it so it lasts.


Got an idea for a project/product to make your work safer, faster, or easier? 

Moose MFG has helped hundreds of people design and build the tools they need and the tools they want.

Large-Scale Production

Moose MFG has a record of doing large scale production with precision and with 

little-to-no variability between the first and last products off the line. 

No Job Too Small

At Moose, we have done large-scale production, but we also work on small welding jobs. We like to be able to help everybody out. 

Got a small repair job, or a little thing you would like to build? Give us a call or stop by the shop!


At Moose MFG, we have seen a lot come through our shop doors. If you can't figure something out, we often help people find what they need, or if we can't help we will try to point you in the right direction.

Product Enquiry

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