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Gangway Nets

Gangway Nets

Gangway Nets (also known as Safety Nets)

We also manufacture Military Climbing and Gangway NetsWe make the majority of our ropes custom to the needs of each customer. Please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch with you for pricing and shipping.

Gangway Nets (also known as Safety Nets) Gangway nets was defined as “A large net for catching one that falls or jumps, as from a circus trapeze.” (Free Dictionary)

You’ll see this net almost everywhere because they are commonly used. You’ll see a gangway net used as temporary safety net for various uses like catching a falling person.

Most common uses you’ll see are for boats and ships using the nets as a bridge to bring on passengers.

Other uses is a passageway through which to enter or leave, such as one between seating areas in an auditorium, or between two buildings.

You may have not even known the many uses for a gangway or safety net. Word Solver has a great list of the different ways gangway and safety nets are used.

We also manufacture Military Climbing and Gangway Nets

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