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Steel is an incredibly rugged material, but exposure to the elements does make it vulnerable to rust if it’s not treated with a protective coating. That’s why PBZ specializes in connecting our customers with reliable third-party galvanizing companies.

The hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) process helps to ensure the long life of your steel components with proven methods. As soon as steel is exposed to the elements, whether it’s in the form of a building’s frame, a fastener or an automobile part, the forces of oxidization begin to develop rust. HDG is a 250-year-old metallurgical process that immerses the steel substrate in a vat of molten zinc to prevent oxidation and corrosion. 

During galvanizing, the zinc has a chemical reaction with the iron found in the steel and forms an alloy on the surface, providing high resistance to corrosion that can last for decades. 

As a full-service metal manufacturer, PBZ knows that galvanizing is a key part of the supply chain for construction and numerous other industries. We’ll connect you with an industry-leading galvanizer and guide you on maximizing your profits and minimizing your overhead costs. 

Galvanizing Services

The HDG process is complex and involves steps that only a trained professional should handle. It begins with a four-step surface preparation process to ensure that nothing will hinder the molten zinc from adhering to the steel. Then, during galvanization, the steel is submerged in zinc heated to approximately 840 degrees Fahrenheit. The galvanizer finishes by removing excess zinc from the steel and letting the piece cool in the open air. 

PBZ has third-party partners that perform local HDG services around Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They offer careful inspections to make sure no impurities pass through the galvanizing process. When you let us handle your galvanizing needs, you can rest assured that experienced professionals specializing in this field have handled your project with the utmost care.

Working With a Third-Party Galvanizing Company

We know that it’s a significant step to place something as critical as structural framing in the hands of another company. That’s why PBZ wants more than to help you find a third-party galvanizer. We offer you peace of mind by referring you to a reliable company with a proven track record of success and quality over time.

Our team of logistics consultants has the experience and knowledge to sit down with you and figure out the vision for your overall supply chain. We blend our decades of experience with your project requirements and unique insights to help you find the best way to maximize profits and minimize inefficiencies. Then, we turn those strategies into actionable competitive advantages you can achieve. 

Single-Source Manufacturing Solutions

PBZ is here to help you take your project from vision to completion with a comprehensive suite of manufacturing services. We can aid you in assembling the parts and components in-house after they’ve gone through the galvanizing process with our partner. We can also arrange delivery to your headquarters when we’re done or have the product shipped directly to the end user. Whatever your project specifications, we have a service to take it from the design phase to the final product.

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