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PTP Manufacturing has the skills and capability to produce tooling and fixtures in-house. Why is this important to you?  From the time we first see your request for a quote and specifications, we are looking for ways to produce your part accurately and economically.  PTP Manufacturing does not look to fit your project in our “box”, but rather we strive to tune our CNC plastics machining and turning centers to your needs.

We create custom tooling and fixtures that may be necessary to machine a specific part. We utilize custom fixtures to accurately and efficiently position raw materials, molded plastic parts, or process materials in our machining and turning centers.

Since each customer’s project is unique, we often make custom tooling and fixture to get the job done. Much like a cookie cutter is used to turn a lump of dough into a desired shape, efficient tooling is used to turn raw materials into the parts you need. Think of this analogy: you could make gingerbread cookies with dough, a rolling pin, and a knife, but how efficient would that be?  In many cases the custom tooling we create can have the productivity impact of changing from the aforementioned knife to a cookie cutter.  PTP’s efficient use of labor and machining and turning centers makes producing your plastic machined products more efficient and cost-effective.

Why should you care that tooling and fixtures are done in-house? First, it allows us to quote you at a lower rate, saving you money and improving your bottom line. Because we can make custom tooling and fixtures right at our location, we save the time and money of outsourcing. These savings are passed on to you, the customer. For an order of large volume, you will never see the cost of producing custom tooling and fixtures.

Second, an important benefit is time. Machining our own tooling and fixtures allows us to be more efficient in our production, saving precious time from design to delivery of your order. From the moment you approach us with your drawings, we begin brainstorming what components will be needed in production along the way. Throughout the whole process, we are concerned about machining your parts efficiently and economically. Our equipment allows us to produce more parts per hour, shortening lead time. There are no wasted hours sending out for tooling needs and waiting on another facility.

Creating our own tooling and fixtures also means that we can adapt quickly to modifications in design, which minimizes delays. We aim to get you what you need as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. PTP cares about delivering the highest caliber machined plastic parts that you can trust. Consistency and repeatability are critical to us. We do the entire manufacturing process in-house so that we are in control every step of the way. We want to know that every detail from drawing to product is done with the highest standards. This is why you can expect a zero product rejection rate.

The manufacturing industry is getting more and more complex, and custom tooling and fixtures provide the capability to machine parts of higher complexity. Manufacturing is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. We know we need the ability to tailor our tools to suit your exact needs. At PTP Manufacturing, quality and efficiency are drilled into all we do.

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