VULKOLLAN Quartz Wheels

VULKOLLAN® quartz wheels are manufactured using a special method. In addition, silica sand has been used to manufacture them. 

Properties of VULKOLLAN® quartz wheels include:

  • High dynamic load capacity
  • Good impact resilience
  • Low compression set 
  • High mechanical wear resistance

VULKOLLAN® quartz wheels deliver an optimal performance in the most rigorous applications in the fish and meat industry and dairies also. 


TRACTOTHAN® features the outstanding properties of VULKOLLAN® and it offers better traction with identical abrasion resistance. Our TRACTOTHAN® wheels contain shore hardness 93 degree and 95 degree Shore A.

TRACTOTHAN® enhances the starting properties, reduces slip, and increases the braking effect. 
They can be used:

  • On coated, slippery floors
  • In wet atmospheres
  • On dry as well as on wet and dirty floors

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