Grain Storage Silos

Grain Storage Steel Silos are precisely designed according to the world class standards & specifications for long term storage of varied grains and cereals and other materials such as coffee beans, cotton, etc. while maintaining their unhindered quality. These grain storage silos are specifically designed for excellent protection and are made available as per customer's specific requirements.  Rostfrei Steels silos are available with flat bottom & hopper bottom to fit into client’s specific requirement. Moreover, the grains remain protected with the unparalleled side surface enforced construction of grain storage silos to well maintain the quality of grains.


Flat Bottom Grain Storage Silos stand out as a prominent qualitative product. The flat bottom grain storage silos are hugely acknowledged and appreciated for their strong built up and non corrosive attributes. With a flat concrete base, flat bottom grain storage silos gives it strength to endure heavy load. Moreover, these flat bottom grain storage silos best serves the purpose of storing grains for extended time span.



Hopper Bottom Grain Storage Silos are specifically used for routine cleaning out or in reducing energy. The hopper bottom grain storage silos are very suitable to be used for various types of grain storing &and processing plants such as animal feed plants, mill plants and poultry houses. While, hopper bottom grain storage silos can also be used in the big grain storing or processing plants as unloading or transitive grain bins. Rostfrei Steels offer vast arrays of hopper bottom grain storage silos at industry leading prices.


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