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Saves Space

  • “How can I make my conveyor drive as small as possible?”  

The Rulmeca Motorized Pulley encloses its motor, gearbox, and bearings within a hermetically-sealed, oil-filled pulley shell, making it a very compact and lightweight conveyor drive system. This is a big advantage to operators and manufacturers of mobile crushing & screening plants.

Makes Fabrication Easier

Since the Rulmeca Motorized Pulley is compact, lightweight, and pre-aligned, installation is quick and easy. Setting the drive only requires four bolts and electrical termination. Installation time is usually 1 to 2 hours. Heavy external gearboxes and motor frames, as well as guarding around rotating shafts, are eliminated.

Improves Conveyor Reliability

  • “Why does my motor keep burning up?”  
  • “How can I make my conveyor drive more reliable?” 

Hermetic seals and a continuous oil bath of all bearings and gears insure that the Rulmeca conveyor drive provides consistent “up time” in spite of harsh ambient conditions. The system prevents dust and grit from entering the drive and contaminating the moving parts.

Increases Conveyor Drive Operating Life

The Rulmeca internally-powered conveyor drive extends drive life because it eliminates the need to maintain external pillow block bearings, external shafts & couplings, external motor fans & cowlings. Continuous oil lubrication is automatic.

Lowers Maintenance Expense

  • “How can I lower my maintenance expense?”  

Since the Rulmeca Motorized Pulley does not use external bearings, which require greasing and inspection, but rather encloses all mechanical parts within an oil-filled shell, it reduces maintenance requirements to a fraction of what exposed drive systems require.

Improves Personnel Safety

  • “How can I make my conveyor safer?”  

Enclosing all moving mechanical parts within a pulley shell, enables the Rulmeca Motorized Pulley to protect plant personnel from pinch points as well as slip, trip, and fall hazards. The drive eliminates the need for expanded metal guarding around rotating shafts, external gearboxes, motors, and cooling fans.

Ever since the invention of the conveyor belt in 1795, the industrialized world has had the means to move anything anywhere effectively and efficiently. Today, practically everything from iron ore to stone to food to packages moves by conveyor. And whenever a piece of technology such as the conveyor becomes totally integral to our lives, one feature becomes most important, reliability. 100%-guaranteed reliability. Conveyor belts are used in environments where reliability is nearly impossible. Salt mines, rock quarries, and ship loading terminals, not to mention food processing plants, where daily cleaning and sanitizing make exposed pulley drives vulnerable to contamination.

Enter Rulmeca Corporation … the year 1952.  Recognizing the need for a more reliable conveyor drive system that could operate effectively and reliably in any environment, Rulmeca’s German engineers designed the Motorized Pulley. The Rulmeca Motorized Pulley consists of an AC squirrel-cage induction motor coupled to a strong and efficient gearbox which is hermetically-sealed within an oil-filled pulley shell.

The internal oil bath serves two purposes. It automatically lubricates the pulley’s main support bearings, gearbox gears and bearings, and the rotor bearings. It also continuously cools the motor by transferring heat from the motor through the pulley shell and into the conveyor belt. Since its launch more than 60 years ago, thousands of Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys have been installed annually worldwide and continue to operate reliably today.

The benefits of this problem-solving conveyor drive system are enormous, especially when compared to old fashioned exposed drive systems. What problems have Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys solved? The lightweight and compact size have enabled mobile aggregate plant manufacturers to overcome highway weight and clearance restrictions. The hermetic seal has enabled operators to increase conveyor reliability in spite of the corrosive and abrasive of environments of salt mines, iron mines, and rock quarries. The automatic oil circulation system has enabled conveyor maintenance managers to increase uptime with reduced maintenance staff.

Since all moving parts are enclosed within the pulley shell, there are no external rotating parts to endanger plant personnel and no external bearings to maintain. The direct drive feature and efficient helical gearbox have reduced electrical power consumption. Since it’s easy to install multiple Motorized Pulleys on a conveyor, these drives have extended belt life, eliminated belt bounce and belt slippage, and improved belt tracking.  The new IP69 sealing system has provided an effective barrier against infiltration during high pressure, high-temperature washdown required in food processing.

This means that the Rulmeca Motorized Pulley offers the lowest total cost of ownership, often providing an investment payback in months rather than years.

When Black Rock Crushing was founded in 2010, their mantra was to standardize and minimize. In other words, keep it simple. RAP is notorious for sticking to everything and causing maintenance challenges. They selected Rulmeca Motorized Head Pulleys for their conveyors because the drives are small and easy to use. Also, the improved safety and elimination of exposed items such as motors, gearboxes, and guarding were important considerations. They also have been satisfied not only with the performance of the Motorized Pulleys, but also Rulmeca’s excellent aftermarket service.

The Rulmeca Motorized Pulley is revolutionizing the conveyor belt drive industry. Higher conveyor reliability, reduced maintenance costs, improved safety, and more efficient operation all contribute to making the Rulmeca system the lowest total cost of ownership option available. Give us a call at our Wilmington, North Carolina headquarters at 910-794-9294 and let us show you how Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys can make a significant difference in your operation today.

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