Schuler Manufacturing

Schuler Manufacturing

1500 S 10th St, Louisville, KY 40210, United States




Custom Fabrication & Machining

The custom metal fabrication process at Schuler specializes in contract manufacturing for steel, stainless steel and aluminum industrial parts and structural components. Our facility houses a combination of CNC laser/plasma cutting, CNC machining, TIG/MIG welding, precision drilling and press operations to meet the demands of prototype and short to long run production orders.

In addition to the CNC steel beam drill line and punch press equipment, Schuler uses 10-350 ton capacity press brakes that can handle up to 16′ wide material and has the flexibility to produce intricate shapes with CNC back gauges. Once the production process is complete, we accommodate any customer specified packaging and shipping requirements.


Material Handling Equipment: Flat Top Conveyors, Returnable Shipping, Containers & Racks, Conveyor Components, Monorail Part Carriers, Racks, Hoppers, Bins, Carts, Containers and Intermediate Beds

Structural Steel Components: Platforms, Mezzanines, Stairs, Handrails, Beams, Columns, Structural T’s and Beam Clamps

Air Handling Equipment: Custom Dust Collectors, Tube Sheets, Bag Houses, Hydrostatic Precipitators, Filter Housings

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Vehicle Body Weldments

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