Slag Crushing Machines

The whole system of slag crushing machines consist of main slag breaking machine, bucket conveyor, second slag milling machine, bucket conveyor, magnetic scrap chips separating machines and ball mill.


  • The power / dust extracts from slug crushing machines system may be sold for consumption in cement plants and earth filling purposes.
  • The dust residuals after above process with slag crushing machines can be dug out easily if used in earth filling.
  • Safety factor in the slag crushing machines are provided through a mechanism of crushing the large pieces first, thus avoiding any accident in subsequent stages.
  • Bucket conveyor ensures smooth and hurdle-less transfer of material from one slag crushing machines to another.
  • The slag dumped in old furnaces can also be extracted for metal chips through this process with slag crushing machines.
  • Less manpower is required in slag crushing machines system than other old techniques of separating metal chips from slag.
  • Purity of metal chips is assured in this accurate process of slag crushing machines.



In all, the above system of slag crushing machines can be a huge advantage for furnace owner.


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