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Loading Dock Door Repair

Loading Dock Door Repair

Loading Dock Door Repair

Loading dock doors secure your industrial facility and provide access for loading and offloading items. They also help with maintaining temperatures in climate-controlled facilities. However, a loading dock system cannot deliver these benefits if it is faulty.

Restore your facility’s security and efficiency by contacting Stinson’s Industrial for locking dock door repair services in Memphis.

Common Loading Dock Door Problems

A faulty loading dock door can interfere with a facility’s productivity. We are available to fix your door quickly and minimize downtime.

Loading dock door problems we commonly repair include:

  • Power disconnection: Only facilities with electric-powered loading dock systems experience this issue. The lack of power may be due to faulty wiring, a problem at the mains, or other issues.
  • Damaged panel sections and door parts: Most industrial doors consist of panels and utilize a rolling mechanism. A dented or out of place section can disrupt the closing or opening of the entire door. A faulty locking or operating mechanism will also affect the door’s ability to open or close.
  • Obstructions in the door: Excess dirt or lack of lubrication can jam the door’s rollers.
  • Misaligned tracks: Corrosion, impact, or loose screws can throw a loading dock door’s track out of alignment. If the tracks aren’t straight, it will disrupt the door’s operation.

Our experienced technicians have everything they need to quickly diagnose a loading dock system’s fault and proffer a lasting solution. Whether your door type is manual or electric-powered, don’t hesitate to contact us for repairs.

Replacing Commercial Door Parts

Sometimes, a loading dock door fault is irreparable. When that happens, the best thing to do is replace the entire door or the faulty part. We keep our services cost-effective by recommending replacement services only when it’s necessary.

Our technicians use only the best replacement parts to guarantee lasting performance. We can also provide replacement parts to upgrade your door system’s efficiency and security.

Loading Dock System Maintenance

Regular usage will cause the gradual wear and tear of a loading dock door. If unchecked, the deterioration will eventually affect the door’s performance and disrupt work in the facility. Avoid unnecessary downtime by having your loading dock door maintained regularly.

Stinson’s Industrial’s preventative maintenance services safeguard a loading dock system’s performance and longevity. Depending on the door’s state, maintenance services may include repairing or replacing panels, rollers, cables, rubber seals, and more. Contact us to schedule dock door maintenance for a time that best suits you.

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