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Ball & Spring Plungers

Ball & Spring Plungers

S&W Spring and Ball Plungers are devices that enclose a spring in a threaded capsule and provide a means of applying accurate and repeatable spring end forces through a ball or rounded nose. Also known as Spring Loaded Devices (SLDs), the unique features of ball and spring plungers make them essential components in thousands of applications for indexing, positioning, fixturing, latching, locking, ejecting, electrical contacts and many others.

Encapsulating the spring inside the body has several advantages over standard, unprotected springs: installation is fast and easy, side forces can be applied to the assembly and repeatable end forces and extension are maintained throughout the life of the plunger.

Most installations can be done with a screwdriver, but care must be taken since the body is hollow and does not have the strength of a bolt or screw.


Body made from steel, stainless steel or brass

Ball and plunger are steel, stainless steel or non-marring nylon

Spring is piano wire or stainless steel wire

Standard, heavy and light end forces

4-48 to 1-8 threads (depending on style)

Optional nylon locking component for locking body into place

Custom sizes, forces and materials available upon request

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