Technox Machine & Manufacturing Inc

Technox Machine & Manufacturing Inc

2619 N Normandy Ave, Chicago, IL 60707, United States

Horizontal Boring CNC Horizontal Boring

Horizontal Boring  CNC Horizontal Boring

Technox Machine & Manufacturing Inc. is an industry-leading provider of large part machining services. We’re committed to offering unparalleled customer service, ensuring the utmost part quality, and achieving outstanding accuracy in our machining processes. Our superior horizontal boring capabilities ensure timely, accurate, high-quality components on every order.

 Horizontal Boring

Our high-tech facility houses a vast array of large horizontal boring machines with a max 120” x 152” x 70” work envelope and 5-axis capacity, giving us the ability to machine very complex parts at high speeds while maintaining precision ± 0.0005” tolerances. With our 15-ton lifting cranes, we can also manage very large parts.

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