Unitech Engineering Ltd

Unitech Engineering Ltd

Unitech House, Prospect Road, Burntwood WS7 0AL, United Kingdom

Colour Coded Lockers

Colour Coded Lockers

Unitech has been supplying lockers to many difference industries for over 25 years,

please see the list below. We can also supply a range of bespoke lockers and

storage solutions.

Mild steel painted.

Compartments individually lockable.

May be louvered for air circulation.

Sloping roof optional.

Variety of door arrangements.

Locks available.

Emergency Service Storage

Police Lockers & Kitbag Storage

Radio Lockers

Clean & Dirty Locker

Uniform Locker

Two Person Locker

Hi Capacity Locker

Education Lockers

Plastic Lockers

Retail Lockers

Space Saving Lockers

Wet & Dry Environment Lockers

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