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Weldmac Manufacturing Co

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Weldmac’s precision welding capabilities are the foundation of it’s success and growth over the last 50 years. Weldmac’s weld shop has evolved to meet ever higher needs and expectations of it’s clients. Weldmac has in-house capabilities to handle most any custom fabrication requirements. Weldmac can apply established processes or develop new innovative procedures to design and construct the highest quality assemblies possible.

Laser Welding

Weldmac operates both CO2 and Y.A.G. lasers as part of it’s comprehensive in-house capabilities. Laser welding equipment offers fast, precise and repeatable results unmatched by other means.

Weldmac utilizes five lasers in its operations. Each laser is fitted with a rotary table providing greater accuracy and faster processing for circular parts.

The Y.A.G. laser can run in a weld, trimming or drilling mode up to 400 watts. The huge benefit of laser welding is a highly localized heat zone, ideal for thin wall or thru welding applications.

Welding Expertise

We pride ourselves on our expertise and capabilities

Weldmac’s welders are trained on a continual basis to remain up-to-date on cutting-edge welding techniques. They also have the most technologically advanced welding equipment at their disposal. All of this is backed by Weldmac’s 50 years of history in the industry.

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