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NLMK Groups metalware production renamed into NLMK-Metalware



NLMK Groups metalware production renamed into NLMK-Metalware




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UZPS, the Urals Precision Alloys Plant, part of NLMK Group’s Long Products Division specializing in the production of metalware, was rebranded and changed its name to NLMK-Metalware. This way its name and corporate identity were brought in line with its production profile and NLMK Group’s overall corporate style. The logo features a key element of the company’s trademark, a crowned lizard, one of the symbols of the Urals Region. Alexander Burayev, General Director, NLMK Long Products, said: “The new name captures the plant’s production profile and its corporate identity. This helps to clarify the way the company is perceived by its employees, partners, and customers. “The plant is one of the leading metalware companies in Russia. Its share in the low carbon metalware market exceeds 20%. We intend to further strengthen NLMK-Metalware market positions, by mastering new products and increasing capacities. The company plans to implement a number of investment projects which will allow growing production output by 22% in 2015 and by 33% in 2017 from 2012 levels.” The decision to rebrand the company was taken by its sole shareholder, NLMK. Based on this decision, a new charter was approved and the new name was registered. When it was created in 1976, the plant specialized in the production of precision alloys for different industries, and this was reflected in the company’s former name. In 2004, the company changed its line of business to metalware production. The plant has been part of NLMK Long Products Division (NLMK Long Products) since 2007. NLMK-Metalware is currently one of the largest producers of metalware in the Russian Federation. The most demanded products of the plant are: wire for concrete reinforcement, galvanized wire, welding wire, construction nails, and fixing hardware. The company produces a total of 885 sizes/types of metalware. The company has the capacity to produce 0.56 million t of metalware per year. The plant's share in the domestic low carbon metalware market exceeds 20%. Project Name NLMK Groups metalware production renamed into NLMK-Metalware Location Russia Commence 2013 Completion -NA- Estimated Investment -NA- Capacity -NA- Key Players UZPS, the Urals Precision Alloys Plant