NLMK Europe - Plate

NLMK Europe - Plate

Rue de Clabecq 101, 1460 Ittre, Belgium

AboutNLMK Europe - Plate

The core business of NLMK Group is the manufacturing and sale of steel products. NLMK is vertically integrated and oversees the complete value chain, from the mining of raw materials to the delivery of products to consumers.

The Plate division is specialized in the manufacturing of high added value hot rolled and forged steel plates. Its 3 mills (NLMK Clabecq in Belgium, NLMK DanSteel in Denmark and NLMK Verona in Italy) propose a complete range of wide plates and ingots, from very thin plates (3mm) to very thick ingots (1500 mm). It holds a key position on the high added value steel market.

NLMK has always been a pioneer when it comes to innovation, from the first continuous slab casting machine in the 1950s to achieving zero water effluent at the Lipetsk site recently. Pursuit of innovation and efficiency backed up by vertical integration has made NLMK the cost leader in the global steel industry.


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