2020 iMT Taiwan: Limited Early Bird Discount Now Available

16 January 2020

The 2020 International Metal Technology Taiwan (iMT Taiwan), organized by Kaigo and co-organized by the Taiwan Casting Industry Association, with assistance from the Taichung City Government, will take place from June 12 to 15 this year at the Taichung International Exhibition Center. The trade show will exhibit Taiwan’s solid industrial prowess to the fullest, covering a host of sectors including metal materials, casting, forging, metallurgy, heat treatment, metal molding technology and whole plant equipment.

iMT Taiwan is a leading trade show for the metal industry in the Asia-Pacific region, and is the only one of its kind in Taiwan. Concluding with resounding success, the fifth iMT Taiwan in 2019 brought together 142 exhibitors from 13 countries, and a total of 5,982 specialist visitors, many of whom professional buyers and purchase representatives from countries with advanced metal industries, such as Germany, Japan, the UK and the US, as well as emerging markets like India, Vietnam, Thailand. Attendees were able to not only engage in business discussions on products and order details, but pay a direct visit to the manufacturing site, a strategic advantage offered by the event venue, which helps build a one-stop sourcing platform for exhibition visits, factory visits and business transaction.

As the organizer, Kaigo boasts more than 40 years of professional experience in event organizing. The company is also a close partner for one of the world’s top metal-focused trade fairs: GMTN—GIFA, METEC,THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST—held in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since becoming the organizer of iMT Taiwan, Kaigo has been planning with extensive expertise and experience while keeping global standards in mind. It has sought to engage and connect suppliers across the upstream, middle-stream and downstream sectors, leveraging its resources worldwide to relentlessly improve the event’s global visibility. For example, for 2019’s event, Kaigo invited multiple members of media from various countries, including Heat Processing, an official media partner of GMTN, and India’s Forgings Today. This year, Kaigo will continue to strengthen its promotional efforts in pioneering industrial markets across Europe, the US and Asia, to further boost trade show results.

The sixth iMT Taiwan aims to offer the widest variety of products in the metal industry. According to the Chairman of the co-organizing Taiwan Casting Industry Association, Kun-Cheng, Liao, “iMT Taiwan is an exhibition that presents a number of key metal manufacturing processes, from casting, forging to heat treatment. The event also showcases automated integrated forging solutions that have materials, processing equipment and consistent manufacturing processes all covered, serving as the optimal exchange platform for both buyers and exhibitors.” Kaigo is committed to creating a comprehensive trade show experience for businesses and buyers.

The strong homebound investment by Taiwan-owned companies has generated demand for new equipment and equipment replacement and renewal, which will drive growth in the metal and machinery industry. It was therefore decided by Kaigo to have the event held earlier this year in June, with the Automatic Machinery Show held jointly to create advantages and enhance outcome for both events. iMT 2020 is expected to continue setting new records with a high-quality program and reach wider global business audience. More information can be obtained from Mr. Liu on TEL: +886-2-2595-4212 (ext.725), email: [email protected], or the website: http://www.imttaiwan.com/.