Arcanum Alloys, Inc. Commercializes a New Electrical Steel

15 May 2020

Arcanum Alloys, Inc., a steel technology and manufacturing company located in greater Grand Rapids, MI, is pleased to announce the launch of a new electrical steel under the trade name Opticore™.  This product is specifically designed to meet the increased demand for high-quality electrical steels brought on by the electrification of the transportation sector, and the infrastructure improvements needed to supply the corresponding demand for electric power.  In addition to these trends, improving motor, generator, and transformer performance in aerospace, medical, and power electronics applications means that high-performance electrical steels will see higher demand in the years to come.

This new class of electrical steel alloys is made using Arcanum Alloys' proprietary Spatially Optimized Diffusion Alloying (SODA™) manufacturing technology.  The Opticore series offers high-performance electrical steels at gauges from 0.002" to 0.010" (0.05-mm to 0.25-mm) for the world's most demanding applications.  SODA technology seemlessly integrates into the exisiting infrastrucure of most steel mills and can be used to enrich the silicon and aluminum content of cold-rolled motor lamination steel, or low-carbon steel.  Products with SODA technology can be reduced in gauge after alloying, allowing for virtually any gauge steel to be used as a starting material.

According to Dan Bullard, Founder and CEO of Arcanum Alloys, "This is an extremely exciting day for Arcanum Alloys and is the result of a rigorous development process executed with the speed that only the SODA platform allows.  This new grade of steel provides far superior performance to even the most advanced electrical steels currently on the market.  Opticore will ultimately allow motors to deliver more operational hours with the same amount of power (i.e. battery size), or higher performance (i.e. torque) with the given amount of power."

For more information on Opticore come see us at CWIEME Americas 2020 in Chicago, IL from September 29th to September 30th, and at WMM 2020 in Rome, Italy from November 3rd to November 5th, or email us at [email protected] .

Arcanum Alloys, Inc. is a materials start-up backed by Khosla Ventures and Severstal Ventures.  The company was founded in 2011 with the mission to redefine how steel is produced using its patented SODA technology platform.  For more information about Arcanum Alloys, Inc., please visit or contact us at [email protected].