Bashundhara Group orders Danieli MIDA green steel minimill Plant

30 January 2021

Over 1 Mtpy of long products produced in endless casting-rolling with just one casting strand

The largest private Bangladeshi company, Bashundhara Group, ordered from Danieli a MIDA endless-casting rolling minimill to produce more than 1 Mtpy of rebar and wirerod for the local market.

To be installed at Bashundhara industrial park in Mirsarai, nearby Chittagiong, Bangladesh, it will be most productive single-strand minimill for long products in the world.

Danieli MIDA endless casting rolling minimills are the most energy-efficient, green and competitive plants to produce long products thanks to patented Digimelter and QLP-DUE® - Danieli Universal Endless technologies.

Scrap will be continuously melted by a 100-t Digimelter, which will operate at a productivity of 150 tph. Featuring a Q-One power unit, Q-Melt intelligent controller and ECS continuous scrap charging, Digimelter runs the melting processes automatically, in a stable and adaptive way, with minimal impact on the electric network.

The single-strand FastCastPlus machine equipped with high-performance FCC oscillator and the newly patented Octocaster mould will deliver endless billets to the mill at casting speeds exceeding 7 m/min.

The rolling mill consisting of 20 AC-driven housingless stands in H and V configuration feeds two lines for bars in bundles and wirerod, which include two 6-pass pre-finishing plus one 4-pass finishing blocks, QTB and QTR quenching lines.

Danieli Automation equipment and process control systems will guarantee a continuous and reliable production of the technology areas together.

The startup of the new Green Steel MIDA minimill is expected by early 2023.

DUE®, Danieli Universal Endless technology is the Danieli endless-casting rolling technology to produce long products (QLP-DUE®) and flat products (QSP-DUE®) in a green, competitive way.

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