Copper and brass extrusion leader relies on Danieli Breda to enter the aluminium alloys market

2 July 2020

Trafilerie Carlo Gnutti ordered from Danieli Breda a major revamping of the existing 60-MN direct-type extrusion press with piercer at the Chiari plant, Italy, and supplied by Danieli Breda in 2003 to extrude brass products.

The upgraded press will operate with an increased force of 70 MN, extruding aluminium alloys in indirect mode, with piercer.

The new, Danieli Breda special oil-hydraulic systems, along with BreDanExt automation and smart engineering solutions will allow Trafilerie Carlo Gnutti to produce a wide product mix in an extremely flexible way.

The transformation will allow the Trafilerie Carlo Gnutti technical team to extrude aluminium bars and pipes with the same excellent quality it maintains for copper and brass products.

The extrusion press will be relocated in Urago d'Oglio plant, and by second quarter of 2021 will produce semi-finished aluminium products for mechanical processing and molding for the automotive, aircraft, pneumatics, and oil and gas sectors. In particular, round and hexagonal bars and profiles will be produced, in the 2000, 6000, and 7000 series aluminium alloys.

Trafilerie Carlo Gnutti and Danieli have maintained a long-lasting partnership since 1987.

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