Danieli “DSD” Drawer in full operation at SIMEC plant in Mexico

31 January 2020

Four-roll bar-sizing package, with fast stand-changing and a robotized workshop

The new Draw Sizing Danieli (DSD) technological package has been installed as part of the 600,000-tpy, state-of-the-art, greenfield SBQ steel mill of SIMEC in the city of Apizaco, Mexico.

The 4-roll stand technology DSD mill combines free-sizing process capability, fast stand-changing system, and a robotized workshop. All these features are essential for bar rolling to perfect shape tolerances, up to 1/8 DIN.

The Danieli Automation Q-Shape system maintains continuous automatic control of the machine, setting parameters through the measurement of the rolled bar sizes detected by the Hi-Profile gauge installed downstream.

This is certainly one of the most modern and technologically advanced mills in the world for producing high-quality steels.

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