Danieli Endless Casting Rolling MIDA minimill starts operation at Nucor Sedalia

11 February 2020

Nucor Steel safely struck the first EAF arc on the new MIDA plant located in Sedalia, Missouri, USA, producing a few hours later the first bundles of rebar #8, tagged and ready for shipment.

After a few heats from the first heat, endless casting-rolling operation was successfully accomplished, confirming once more the full reliability of the MIDA process.

With a rated capacity of 380,000 shtpy for #4 to #11 rebars (12.7 to 35.8 mm) in straight and spooled bars, it features the latest energy-saving and environmentally friendly melting, casting and rolling processes.

The Danieli ECS® scrap preheating system continuously charges hot scrap into a 40-t side-charge AC EAF, which is followed by a ladle treatment furnace.

The core of the endless casting-rolling section is a single-strand, high-speed continuous casting machine connected to a 16-stand ultra-compact rolling mill.

Finishing facilities consist of Danieli-patented Direct Rolling and Bundling DRB system and K-Spool technologies.

Nucor Steel Sedalia (NSSED) is the tenth Danieli minimill featuring Endless Casting-Rolling ECR technology for long products in operation worldwide and third in operation in the USA.

This will be followed soon by the second MIDA ordered by Nucor to Danieli, which is under construction in Frostproof, Florida.

With the Sedalia minimill, Nucor expands its market in new strategic areas of the USA, confirming the potential of the Endless Casting and Rolling solution, where energy savings lead to profits.

By the end of 2020, sixteen Danieli ECR MIDA minimills will be in operation worldwide.

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Source: danieli.com