Danieli to supply OMK with new special bar and light sections Mill

27 February 2020

The new investment will consolidate and reinforce OMK leadership in spring steel flats niche market

OMK awarded Danieli the order for a new complete rolling mill for bars and light sections to be installed in Chusovoy, Russia.

The new mill will produce a wide range of long products, with the main target of high-quality spring steel flats, a market segment in which OMK is a leader.

The purpose of the investment is to ensure and increase the production of existing downstream lines for crossbows for trucks. including rounds, rebar and light profiles, to cover demand in the Perm region.

Spring steel flats production is characterized by small lots requiring high product quality and operational flexibility. These are achieved mainly by minimizing decarburization level to <1% in the reheating furnace, reversing shiftable-stand rolling, and by a pack annealing system and retaining hoods over the cooling bed to obtain the required hardness for spring flats, avoiding off-line thermal treatments.

The Danieli supply covers engineering and mechanical systems from the reheating furnace through rolling and finishing services, including Danieli Automation fully automatized process control and Q3 intelligence to keep all plant KPIs monitored, to ensure proper final product quality and optimized OpEx.

Plant start up is foreseen within 2021.

Following the QSP minimill for quality HRC production in operation at Vyksa, and new and operating projects for electric steelmaking, casting and tube production, OMK is relying on Danieli technology also for the production of long products.

More on final products

The new OMK facility will produce 200 ktpy of low-medium-carbon steel as well as spring and stainless steels for hot and quenched deformed bar from 10- to 40-mm dia; smooth rounds from 20- to 70-mm dia; flat bars from 40x4,5 mm to 120x57 mm; equal angles from 50 to 100 mm; and channels up to 100 mm.

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Source: danieli.com