EDAC Engineering Conducts Onsite COVID-19 Safety Training to Ensure Work Continuation Amid Strict Health Safety Norms

20 May 2020

Business Wire India

Uninterrupted service while ensuring safety and health of the workers is a key focus

  • The safety training was conducted for the entire onsite staff at NTPC’s Gadarwara Super Thermal Power Station at Narsinghpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Tips to reduce the risk of workers’ exposure to coronavirus were given by senior members; face masks were distributed among staff members at the end of the session.

Ensuring worker safety and continuation of onsite customer operations amid COVID-19 is a top priority for EDAC Engineering Limited, a leading EPC and O&M player. The company recently conducted a COVID-19 safety training session for its onsite team at NTPC’s Gadarwara Super Thermal Power Station in Narsinghpur, Uttar Pradesh. By integrating these practices in everyday operations, the organisation aims to facilitate business continuity while adhering to strict health and hygiene measures like social distancing and compulsory wearing of masks.

Appreciating the initiative by EDAC Engineering, Mr. Ashwin Muthiah, Chairman, AM International group & SPIC (Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation) and Principal Investor of EDAC Engineering said, “The COVID-19 disease has resulted in unprecedented challenges across the globe. The efforts of our management to ensure business continuity while safeguarding our workers’ health is core to our business philosophy during these uncertain times.

I congratulate the Indian Government for handling this medical emergency with foresightedness. We are committed to working alongside the authorities to come out of the crisis with minimum disruption.”

During the session, onsite management members shared tips and advised workers to:
  • Adhere to the norms of hand & personal hygiene at all times.
  • Greet each other with ‘Namaste' instead of handshakes.
  • Follow respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette.
  • Ensure physical distancing at the worksite and compulsory wearing of masks.
  • Stay at home if unwell.
  • Report to nearest health authorities if fever, dry cough, body pain and sneezing persist for more than two days. 
As a part of the awareness programme, workers were acquainted with the lockdown guidelines issued by the Government of India. Further, in line with the government’s directive, the company made it compulsory for workers to wear face masks while working on site. These were distributed among staff members at the end of the session.

The session was compulsory for the entire site staff. Management members who addressed the team included Mr. J Ramkumar, Site Manager, Mr. KR Suresh Kumar, Deputy Site Manager cum HR & Admin & Mr. Sarveshwar Dash, Safety Officer.
About EDAC Engineering Limited

Incorporated in 1987 in Chennai, EDAC Engineering is one of India’s recognised EPC and O&M contractors for balance of plant packages for power projects. It is an associate of SPIC and the company also undertakes Electro-Mechanical Erection for a wide variety of industries along with Operations and Maintenance Projects for Power, Refinery and Oil & Gas plants. It is part of AM International’s infrastructure vertical business.
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AM International is a diversified, multinational group of companies with a federated operating architecture. Headquartered in Singapore, it has been trusted by millions of customers for over six decades. Today, many of the group businesses are market leaders with footprints across South East Asia, India, and the United Kingdom. The group’s business verticals include Fertilisers, Supply Chain, Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Healthcare and Green Energy. The group’s CSR activities are helmed under the AM Foundation, and its initiatives are focused on primary healthcare such as safe water, basic sanitation & hygiene, nutrition, immunization and education.