EVRAZ signs long-term agreement with TMK to supply pipe billets

2 March 2021

EVRAZ has agreed to supply TMK with billets for seamless pipes in 2021–2022. Over these two years, EVRAZ NTMK will produce and deliver to TMK over 160 thousand tonnes of rolled pipe billets using formula pricing.

The billets will mainly be supplied to TMK’s Sinarsky Pipe Plant.

“We are pleased to continue our long-standing partnership with TMK entities. The agreement will guarantee fair pricing for the products as well as streamline utilization planning of pipe billet production at EVRAZ NTMK. EVRAZ is ready to supply both standard billets for seamless 120 mm pipe and billets for other diameters ranging between 85 mm and 180 mm”, said Dmitriy Barashkov, EVRAZ Industrial Steel and IORM Sales Director.

“The new two-year agreement further contributes to the strong long-standing partnership between our two companies. This practice is beneficial to the entire industry as it promotes cooperative ties and supports stable production chains. We guarantee our partners’ capacity utilization while procuring billets at predictable prices for our operations and further securing shipments of consistently high-quality products to our customers”, said Ilya Zyryanov, TMK’s Director of Supply Chain Management.

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Source: evraz.com