Fodere Titanium Limited Announces Construction of Pilot Plant and Formation of North American Joint Venture, Fodere America

21 July 2022

Fodere Titanium Limited  the owner of a proprietary zero waste technology capable of extracting value from a wide variety of mineral and industrial waste feedstocks, today announced that it has commenced construction of a seven ton per day pilot plant near Kitwe, Zambia. The pilot plant is a crucial step towards demonstrating the advantages of Fodere’s technology and enabling its widespread commercialization. The pilot plant will facilitate refinement of the production process and allow the technology to be demonstrated with various feedstocks. The company expects the pilot plant to become operational in the first quarter of 2023.

The Company also announced the formation of Fodere America LLC (“Fodere America’), a joint venture to commercialize its technology in North America. The new venture was formed in conjunction with Titanium North America Holdings LLC (“Titanium North America”), an entity formed by Jeffry N. Quinn, and other investors. Mr. Quinn brings over thirty years of experience in the mining and chemical industries to the new venture, including formerly serving as chairman and chief executive officer of Solutia, Inc., and Tronox Holdings plc. He will serve as the chairman & chief executive officer of Fodere America.

Finally, Fodere also announced that in addition to the formation of the joint venture, Titanium North America has made an equity investment in Fodere and Mr. Quinn will join the board of directors of the company.

Nick Von Schirnding, chairman of Fodere, stated, “We are extremely pleased to announce the formation of the joint venture to commercialize our technology in North America. Jeffry Quinn brings deep experience in the titanium industry to the venture and will also add significant value as a member of the board of directors of Fodere.”

Jeffry Quinn, founder and managing member of Titanium North America, added, “We are pleased to partner with Fodere to commercialize its game-changing zero-waste technology. This technology will produce high grade titanium feedstock and other valuable products at very competitive prices, while embracing the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainability in today’s world.”

About Fodere and Its Technology

Fodere is a United Kingdom registered minerals technology company which has developed a new and innovative commercial process for the titanium, vanadium, iron and steel industries. This disruptive and game changing technology can extract value from a wide variety of feedstocks including tailings, derived from the iron, steel and vanadium industries.

Fodere has developed applications in extractive metallurgy designed to extract titanium dioxide, vanadium pentoxide and other valuable products from low-grade ores and waste stockpiles. Titanium dioxide has numerous uses, the main one being as a feedstock for producing pigments. Other applications include conversion to titanium metal. Vanadium pentoxide is an intermediate product which is generally converted to ferrovanadium. A new and growing use is to convert the intermediate product from the pentoxide form to vanadium compounds used in redox-flow batteries, a new kind of highly efficient heavy-storage battery.

Existing processes essentially use reduction in a high-temperature kiln followed by acid leaching. Fodere’s process does the same but does the reduction at much lower temperature and achieves target recoveries at a much coarser grind size providing significant cost advantages. Existing processes also require additional complex and expensive steps to recover other metals, whereas Fodere’s process does so by sequential precipitation from the leaching. As a result, Fodere’s process, will deliver significantly lower costs than existing methods, allowing the treatment of ores and stockpiles hitherto uneconomic to treat.

About Titanium North America

Titanium North America is a Delaware limited liability company. It was formed by Jeffry N. Quinn and other investors. Mr. Quinn is its chairman and managing member.

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