Geneva Pipe and Precast Introduces the Perfect Pipe and Perfect Lined Manhole System

29 April 2021

Geneva Pipe and Precast, a Northwest Pipe Company, is now manufacturing and distributing lined reinforced concrete pipe and precast manhole systems to North America.

Proven mechanically resistant to raw sewer, Perfect Pipe and Perfect Lined Manhole are revolutionizing municipal wastewater management. The corrosion resistant pipe and manhole system has an anchored liner that provides 100% coverage and creates a smooth laminar flow with a tight seal. Utilizing an innovative design, the joints require no field welds in most sizes and can connect to most new or existing systems. Both Perfect Pipe and Perfect Lined Manhole System have a design life of 100+ years in most sanitary sewer environments.

Perfect Pipe consists of Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) with an integrated High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liner that is wet-cast in the pipe wall forming a corrosion-proof barrier. The pipe is Ideal in direct bury, trenchless, high loading, and high ground water applications. Perfect Lined Manhole System integrates a monolithic base and a Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) liner with HDPE protected riser sections and lid. The one-pour base eliminates cold joints and connects to nearly any plastic, clay, concrete, or fiberglass sewer pipe.

"Using technology developed in Europe, we are now manufacturing Perfect Pipe and Perfect Lined Manhole Systems at our Geneva plant. The Perfect System truly provides superior performance and longevity over other sanitary sewer options," said Scott Montross, President and CEO of Northwest Pipe Company. "We look forward to working with regional engineers and municipalities as we demonstrate how the Perfect System offers a completely leak-proof and low maintenance sewer management solution."

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