Houston-Based Drill Pipe Manufacturer Acquires Field-Proven, High Torque PTECH+ Connection

23 March 2022

Texas Steel Conversion (TSC) is excited to announce that it has purchased the intellectual property, patents, associated trademarks, licenses, and other thread connection technology known as the PTECH+ thread connection. The PTECH+ family of drill pipe thread connections combines exceptional torsional properties and fatigue resistance that are essential in extended lateral oil and gas drilling. 

Charles McPhail, Chairman and CEO, commented on the recent acquisition, "Adding the PTECH+ high torque connection technology to our tool box provides us an innovative solution to long laterals and demanding drilling environments. A proprietary thread offering the characteristics exemplified in the PTECH+ connection that is owned and controlled by TSC is something that our customers have been requesting." TSC will manufacture, market, and sell the PTECH+ thread connection worldwide through its divisions: TSC Drill Pipe, TSC Subsea Tubulars, and TSC Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). TSC Drill Pipe will honor the current license agreements and they will remain in force. It is TSC's intention to audit and issue new licenses as needed to support field operations.

TSC is API licensed and is the premier Processor of OCTG, casing, and tubing. TSC has been processing oilfield tubulars since 1975 and manufacturing drill pipe through TSC Drill Pipe since 2000. TSC provides drilling products and services through its TSC Drill Pipe and TSC Subsea Tubulars divisions. Also, TSC provides large O.D. drilling products to the horizontal directional drilling and geothermal industries through its TSC HDD division. 


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