iMT Taiwan 2018: Delivering Taiwan’s Metal Expertise to World Markets

27 July 2018

Robust global commerce in the various metal applications industries has attracted many leading companies in Taiwan’s metal industry to convene at International Metal Technology Taiwan (iMT Taiwan) 2018. As Taiwan’s key exhibition that is solely dedicated to the metal industry and carries a strong focus in metal materials and precision machinery, iMT Taiwan will host visiting industry players from abroad and across the country to see the Taiwan’s metal industry power. Showcasing Taiwan’s strategic position as the industrial hub of Northeast Asia that bridges the east and west markets, the exhibition promotes technological innovations that pull international businesses to produce or import a metal product, its processing technology or machinery specifically from Taiwan.

According to Mr Gerd Keim, President of Kaigo Co., Ltd, organizer of iMT Taiwan, “Sold locally and internationally, the raw materials, technologies and end products of Taiwan’s metal industries are made possible by ingenious processing, manufacturing, innovation, R&D, design capabilities and commitment to quality. iMT Taiwan brings spotlight to these qualities that attract foreign investors to collaborate with Taiwanese metal businesses. With this, visitors can expect to see and meet the best in the business that Taiwan’s metal industry can offer.” He also added that iMT Taiwan is set to connect Taiwan’s metal manufacturers with world markets’ buyers, offering industry-edge technologies, high-quality production and supply capabilities, and the synergy of European 4.0 processes with uniquely Taiwan engineering prowess for investors who seek competitive value solutions without compromise on standards.

Renewed capabilities across the wide metal industry

Taiwan may be the world’s thirteenth-largest steel exporter, churning 12.0 million metric tons of steel in 2017 mostly to its top three markets - Vietnam, China, United States (based on USA International Trade Administration, Global Steel Trade Monitor). However, the wealth and strength of its larger metal industry go beyond the steel trade. Taiwan’s fervor in technological innovation and being among the earliest adopters of smart manufacturing and Industrial 4.0 systems outside of Europe have allowed the country to transform and expand its metal industries. Today, pioneering metal businesses have gone beyond just steel fabrication and exporting steel mill products but are providing the entire value chain of the metal industry. In this spirit, iMT Taiwan will feature a comprehensive exhibit range covering 13 categories of products - Material Science and Engineering, Heat Technology, Metallurgy, Foundry, Forging, Molding, Coating, Joint and Cut Technology, Metal Forming Technology, Tube Machinery and Equipment, Wire Machinery and Equipment, Semi-finished and Finished Products, and Turnkey Equipment.

As observed by the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC), Metal Industry Intelligence and the Industrial Technology Research Institute – all of whom are supporters of the exhibition, Taiwan’s metal industries are dynamically transforming and venturing into new emerging application industries that require the top-level capabilities expected of Taiwanese businesses by international markets. Taiwanese companies’ expertise across the 13 categories highlighted by iMT Taiwan are empowering them to support further development of key growth application sectors. These include medical device manufacturing for biomedical technology and healthcare equipment, mold and precision machining including additive manufacturing, automotive particularly in intelligent electric vehicles, metal forming to service production needs in green energy technologies and other digital information technology, semiconductor and electronics sectors that overseas markets are already cognizant with Taiwan.

Established market players with quality products

Visitors will gain close-up opportunities to speak with the experts from Taiwan’s homegrown companies and multinational firms that have manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. The latter include the USA-originated Air Products that are edging the industrial gas technology sector with its pool of skilled Taiwanese engineering workforce and the German headquarted Schmolz + Bickenbach steel producer that started operating in Taiwan since 2016. They provide Taiwanese companies with comprehensive technical consulting and support with full access to their entire range of products and services in the area of high-tech special steel for use in the targeted automotive, electronics, oil & gas, marine and mechanical engineering industries.

Those seeking machinery advice can look toward interacting with Horen Industrial Co., Ltd for demonstrations on their swaging, automatic cold drawing or straightening machines, to Summer Forging Industrial Co., Ltd. to understand their expertise in cold forging machinery and even to Linde LienHwa, Chii Chyuan Heat Treatment Industrial Co.,Ltd. or High Heat Furnace Industrial Co., Ltd for a look inside their industrial gas, furnace, boiling and other electric heating equipment. For semi-finished and finished metal materials, a visit to Titan Innovation, Taiwan Linkigi Metal Co., Ltd. and others will provide visitors with a broad selection of offerings that characterize the high quality of Taiwan’s metal industry produce. For complete end-to-end services especially for upcoming manufacturers who require design and manufacturing know-how for development of a complete production line at a casting plant, Taiwan Sintong Machinery Co., Ltd. is amongst the go-to exhibitors to visit.

Promising a meaningful trip for visitors coming to the 3-day exhibition from 5 to 7 December 2018 at the Taichung International Exhibition Center, the organizer has introduced a subsidy program of TWD 15,000 per person for accommodation and airport pick-up to qualified international visitors coming to iMT Taiwan. Visitors can also participate at the Metal Technology Conference held in-line with the exhibition to promote closer industry partnership and knowledge exchange or spare some time to visit the factories of their prospective business partners with factories around the exhibition venue vicinity. Those requiring direct matching to specific targeted companies are also encouraged to sign up for the matchmaking service that aims to deliver a more effective sourcing trip for visitors.

For more information on the exhibition, please visit or contact Kaigo Co., Ltd at