IsoTruss, Inc. Receives USDA Funding Award for Rural Broadband Project

12 July 2022

IsoTruss, Inc., an engineering, design, and manufacturing services provider, announced today it has received a funding award for $124,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). In this rural broadband project, the enterprise will utilize its patented geometry to create a lightweight, space-saving mobile cell site to provide temporary network coverage, one that can be assembled and disassembled quickly, without additional equipment. The planned IsoTruss® mobile cell site will save space, weigh less and last longer than current options.

Nathan D. Rich, CEO of IsoTruss, Inc. said, “We are committed to help solve the digital divide in network coverage for nearly a quarter of rural Americans who are without broadband access. Expanding network coverage to them will improve rural community economies and quality of life, while providing access to important services such as telehealth, distance learning, ecommerce, and remote work opportunities.

IsoTruss Inc. designs and manufactures patented composite lattice structures that reduce weight by 12 times compared to steel structures, without compromising strength. These structures have been successfully applied to rural telecom towers because of their reduced weight and significantly lower installation and maintenance costs. A benefit of the mobile cell site is that it should be able to be transported with a light-duty truck, which enables greater access to rural and remote locations, and saves gas, which reduces emissions. This is the enterprise’s second funding award from the USDA.

IsoTruss® lattice cell towers, fabricated with corrosion-resistant composites and utilizing patented geometry, offer flexibility and modularity in structural design as well as superior wind resistance. IsoTruss® towers are engineered and tested to last at least 5 times longer than steel towers, which need to be replaced more often due to corrosion and other environmental factors. Consequently, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower, and on the environmental side, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 70% or more over the tower’s lifespan.

Cromwell Wong, COO, IsoTruss, Inc. said, “Lightweight, mobile cell sites can also provide network access quickly during natural disasters when existing networks are damaged. The space and weight savings of the IsoTruss® will allow these mobile cell sites better transport and assembly in disaster-stricken areas. Plus, our sustainable lattice tower infrastructure reduces CO2 emissions based on weight, material, and design, making our cell towers very competitive with steel towers.”

Each IsoTruss® cell tower is designed and manufactured to meet the firm’s own rigorous design and production standards, various local, state and federal regulations, and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA®) and AASHTO standards.

Since 2019, IsoTruss, Inc. has received multiple funding awards totaling nearly $1 million combined from both the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), to support expansion of rural broadband, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for research and development of a reinforced concrete foundation for telecom towers to increase resiliency to natural disasters.

With a global portfolio of more than thirty patented and patent-pending structural and composite material designs that protect not only the configurations but also the manufacturing processes, IsoTruss, Inc., is committed to building the sustainable infrastructure of the future through innovative solutions in engineering, design, manufacturing and construction.

IsoTruss, Inc. is an active member of the Institute of Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IAMCI), a Manufacturing USA institute established by the U.S. Department of Energy. IACMI’s mission is to accelerate advanced composite design, manufacturing, technical innovation and workforce solutions to enable a cleaner and more sustainable, more secure, and more competitive U.S. economy.

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IsoTruss Inc., an engineering, design, and manufacturing services provider, produces patented IsoTruss® lattice cell towers for the telecommunications industry. IsoTruss® cell towers, fabricated with composite material, are cost-effective, corrosion-resistant, sustainable, eco-friendly, and lightweight. Utilizing IsoTruss® Technologies, its family of patented, composite material grid structures, the enterprise offers R&D capabilities, applications, and solutions in telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace, civil infrastructure, energy, construction, leisure, and more.


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