KDM Steel is on the Way to Being the Best Stainless Steel Enclosure Manufacturer in China

22 October 2018

KDM Steel, a leading manufacturer of industrial and electrical enclosures, announces its new stainless steel enclosures. These are robust, durable and corrosion-resistant electrical enclosures that can suit all environmental conditions.

Investing in modern electrical cabinet designs is part of KDM Steel's effort to be the best stainless steel enclosure manufacturer. Due to the numerous designs, shapes and high creep strength, KDM Steel stainless steel enclosure are popular in most electrical installations.

"Investing in a reliable and quality electrical enclosure will ensure the safety of both users and components, which is key in either domestic or industrial setup," said Sunny Sun, KDM Steel marketing manager. "At KDM Steel, we invest in high-tech material testing techniques, while choosing the appropriate fabrication process to ensure every electrical enclosure conforms to the international safety standards."

As a leading stainless steel electrical enclosure manufacturer, KDM Steel electrical cabinets have the following features:

Depending on the environmental conditions, KDM Steel electrical enclosures are available in 201, 304 or 316 stainless steel, forming the entire structure and components. The stainless steel enclosure may have windows made from polycarbonate sheet.

Furthermore, KDM Steel stainless enclosures are UL, NEMA, CE, RoHS and IP 55/IP60/IP65/IP66/IP67 certified. Their designs meet the strict quality standards and requirements according to the European and American markets.

Therefore, the KDM Steel stainless steel electrical enclosures are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. They come in different designs and applications, ranging from free-standing, wall mount, large, modular to weatherproof stainless steel enclosures.

Also, the stainless steel electrical enclosures may have single, double or multiple doors. They may have different compartments for installing electrical switches, LED indicators and control systems.

Also, they have lockable doors and energy management systems.

To meet the dynamic needs of stainless steel electrical enclosures, KDM Steel has both standard and custom designs. The features and specifications may vary upon request.

For more information about KDM Steel stainless steel enclosures, use the contact information below.

About KDM Steel

For over 10 years, KDM Steel has been designing and manufacturing stainless steel accessories and equipment.

From electrical enclosures, cookware, fittings, valves to jewelry, KDM Steel uses the latest technology to produce functional and quality stainless steel items.

KDM Steel can handle stainless steel casting, stainless steel plating, stainless steel forging, stainless steel bending, stainless steel laser-cutting and stainless steel polishing.

The latest in its product line is stainless steel electrical enclosure.

Contact details:

Contact person: Sunny Sun (Marketing Manager)
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: +86 13814224925


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