Klauer Manufacturing Company Makes Houses a Little “Richer” with Klauer Elite Steel Sidingv

23 August 2023

Klauer Manufacturing Company, an innovator in the steel siding industry, enhances the beauty of home exteriors with Klauer Elite steel siding. The cladding offers warm curb appeal and adds durability, richness and little to no glare or reflecting light, even on the brightest of days.

“Klauer Elite steel siding is a result of extensive research and development efforts by our team,” said Michael Igo, Vice President of Klauer Manufacturing. It’s specially formulated to provide superior protection against harsh weather conditions, such as UV rays, moisture and extreme temperatures. We strongly feel that this product will provide our customers with unmatched quality and performance.”

The curb appeal of Klauer Elite offers all the benefits of the Klauer Classic finish. It’s made from high-quality silicon-modified polyester resins with a proprietary additive that enhances the finish, giving it a warm, non-reflective look. Plus, the innovative product resists fading, chipping, cracking and peeling, ensuring long-lasting beauty and performance. This also results in less costly repairs for homeowners and contractors.

Klauer Classic paint system utilizes precision nylon particle additives to elevate the finish with texture -giving it a matte finish. The Klauer Elite paint system, with its proprietary additive, heightens the curb appeal by providing a finish so warm that you’ll be surprised that it is steel. The low reflective finish retains color richness in the brightest direct sunlight and no glare.

This product’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly. Klauer Elite steel siding meets the strictest environmental regulations and is free from harmful substances, such as lead and mercury. This commitment to sustainability aligns with Klauer Manufacturing’s mission to provide innovative solutions that have a minimal impact on the environment.

With the creation of Klauer Elite steel siding, Klauer Manufacturing Co. raises the bar in the steel industry. The Klauer Elite Steel Siding and Accessories collection is available in five attractive colors, allowing customers to select the ideal match for their project.

For more information on Klauer Manufacturing Company and its Elite steel siding finish, call 563-582-7201 or visit: https://klauer.com/.

About Klauer Manufacturing Company

Located in Dubuque, IA, Klauer manufactures residential roofing accessories, steel siding, soffit, fascia and rainware as well as metal building panels and components for the agricultural and light commercial building markets.

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Source: businesswire.com