Kloeckner Metals to Install New PVD Processing Equipment Allowing Coloring Capability to be Done in U.S.

12 April 2017

Kloeckner Metals, one of the largest metals distribution and processing companies in the U.S. will be installing new PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) processing equipment that will enable the coloring of Stainless Steel and certain Aluminum materials domestically. The equipment will be installed at the end of summer 2017 at Kloeckner's Cincinnati, Ohio site.

Equipment capacities of the lines will be far broader than current options in the United States.  Traditionally, large scale projects and sourcing for colored sheets and larger scale profiles had to be purchased offshore – resulting in complex supply chains, extended lead times and other logistical challenges, and involve costly freight and fees – especially on rush or urgent shipments.

The new PVD equipment's capabilities will include:

•    Stainless sheets up to 60 wide and 144 inches long
•    Parts and Profiles up to 144 inches long
•    Fabrication in similar configurations subject to weight limitations (to be installed later in the year)
•    Anti-fingerprint PVD options available applied via an in chamber process that improves durability and longevity of this attribute.

Kloeckner's Vice President for Commercial – Stainless Steel and Aluminum, John Dobek who is spearheading the program says, "This new equipment further enhances our value add product offering to customers and capitalizes on the new trends in color and lighting for numerous industries and segments."

Kloeckner will not only provide simple sheet order fulfillment, but will be able to toll color (post part coloring for complex shapes) and via its fabrication network provide a complete turn-key solution to colored Stainless Steel requirements. Many logistical and freight complexities created in typical outsource strategies are reduced or eliminated by Kloeckner's distribution reach and global presence.

PVD has been gaining significant traction in the appliance, food equipment, conveyance, transportation and electronics segments in addition to its prominence in architectural design applications. PVD has a broad appeal across many end uses and new applications are being developed every day, and has many functional and aesthetic benefits that appeal to new trends and designers, who are always looking for options beyond paints or pigments that many other materials simply can't match. Some of the advantages include: surface not prone to chipping or flaking, reduces wear and extends product life, no cracking or crazing, adds anti corrosion resistance to stainless steel, and performs well under high temperatures.

Another important consideration is the process footprint is extremely environmentally friendly – unlike many other techniques requiring dyes, pigments, acids or similar harmful inputs.

About Kloeckner Metals:

Kloeckner Metals Corporation is a pioneer of the digital transformation in the steel industry and looks to fully digitalize the supply and service chain. Kloeckner is headquartered in Roswell, Georgia and consists of over 50 locations throughout North America and more than 2,400 employees. Kloeckner Metals is heavily focused on bringing value-add to our customers by being a one-stop shop on finished goods.