KOMAX Offers Static Mixer Solutions to Industrial Energy and Efficiency Problems

24 September 2019

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Komax Systems, Inc., a leader in advanced inline static mixing for a multitude of industries.  A wide variety of process applications take advantage of static mixing technology.

Advantages of Static Mixers

Static mixers are more efficient and have no moving parts.  The elements are fully enclosed by piping.  A static mixer can handle the heaviest slurries to lower viscosity materials like water additives.

Inline Static Mixers are custom made to fit the length and material of the process pipeline.  The static mixer length will be based on the number of elements needed to produce sufficient output.  The reduction in production costs will benefit the bottom line.

The Next Level Technology

The Triple Action Static Mixer provides the highest level of mixing.  It takes the static mixer technology to the next level.  This motionless static mixer is a three-step design that provides efficient blending in a shorter amount of time. 

Two by Two Division

KOMAX mixers divide and re-divide the process stream with a series of elements set at right angles to each other. Each element doubles the number of previous divisions. Twenty elements produce over a million divisions and re-combinations.

Cross Current Mixing

Special cavities randomize the distribution of material by DIRECT STREAM IMPINGEMENT. This enhances and optimizes the two-by-two division process to make it truly effective.

Counter-Rotating Vortices & Back-Mixing

Under turbulent flow, both sides of each KOMAX element produce elliptical vortices rotating in opposite directions. This eliminates the streaming or tunneling effects associated with early static mixer designs. In addition, an optimum degree of BACK-MIXING occurs as material is orbited in the vortex from the front to the back of an element before continuing downstream. This produces a substantial improvement in mixing efficiency.

Redefining Efficiency

Komax can make custom configurations to any of their static mixers to include multiple ports, different end fittings and different style mixing elements.  Komax static mixers redefine efficiency for inline static mixing.  The engineers at Komax have world class experience in the static mixing and heating of liquids, gases, sludges and slurries.  They can help you create a solution for your production needs.

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