MarooOn Inc., No. 1 in the Industrial Batteries Maintenance Market, Pioneering the Power Device Market

3 October 2019

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MarooOn Inc., established in 2009 by Han Yeon Soo, has been the leader in the IoT-based, large-power control technology sector in Korea. Recently, the company released a new product which can monitor devices and batteries by remote control as long as it has internet access anywhere in the world. MarooOn Inc. sells high-efficiency chargers, large capacity smart discharger for efficient use of the average batteries locally and abroad. The battery lifespan prediction algorithm, that the company developed based on their 10 years of field know-how, battery charging and discharging data, was marked as the first in the world.

It is notable that MarooOn Inc. was certified for its technical skills and started exporting overseas from the first year of its foundation as they have been recognized for their product's performance and quality. The company exports its maintenance products to 86 countries, including the world's top sales Belgium company TVH in the market, US company FSIP, and south-eastern company iBSG. Product sales are increasing by more than 20% annually.

Unlike automotive batteries which are common and used in everyday life, industrial batteries used in electric forklifts and batteries used for the uninterruptible power system to protect property from power outages are large in capacity and expensive. Industrial batteries should be fully replaced at the end of their life span, regardless of their performance, which is a high, fixed cost for companies that use batteries in large quantities.

The cause of battery deterioration is chemical deterioration, which increases resistance due to the formation of lead sulfate crystals on the surface of the plate during discharge, resulting in reduced battery capacity, and it should be in the waste disposal. MarooOn Inc. has developed a battery regeneration and restoration system that can solve the problem of such degraded batteries. After checking their regeneration and performance through the system, the batteries can be reused rather than recycled.

Moreover, MarooOn Inc. products have a variety of programs in the product, which makes it easy for users to maintain the batteries without special knowledge. In particular, its wireless communication and the latest multimedia technology based on world's top high-capacity charging technology. Also, it is programmed to make it easy to read the performance status information by the minimum cell unit of battery by interlocking the automatic restoration program, an IoT-based battery monitoring system.

Efficient maintenance without special knowledge of batteries is the core factor to maximize product competitiveness. With the internet, users can have the latest version of the Windows OS operating program. Users can also wirelessly connect multiple products to their PCs for efficient device control and data management. Lastly, issues regarding user needs in the field have been updated, which is popular among many overseas users.

MarooOn Inc. exports its battery maintenance device to global manufacturers of electric logistics devices such as the Linde, Liftech, The Hyster-Yale, and Toyota. The company is providing battery maintenance services to carriers such as the CHT in Taiwan, Telkomsel in Indonesia, and Movistar in Chile.

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