Metal Bellows Market is Forecast to Reach US$ 983.3 Million in 2028, Says Stratview Research

16 November 2023

Stratview Research, a global market research firm has launched a report on the Metal Bellows Market which provides a comprehensive analysis of the global and regional industry forecast, current and emerging trends, segment analysis, and competitive landscape.

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Segment Insights on the Metal Bellows Market

The Metal Bellows Market is segmented based on product type, material type, end-user type, and region.

Based on product type - The metal bellows market is segmented into edge-welded bellows, mechanically formed bellows, electroformed bellows, and others. Edge-welded bellows are expected to remain the largest and fastest-growing product type in the market during the forecast period. Edge-welded bellows offer a wide range of operating temperatures, superior stroke capabilities, and more precise spring rates, making them suitable for a variety of applications where performance is critical.

Based on the material type - The market is segmented into titanium alloys, stainless steel alloys, nickel alloys, and others. Titanium alloys are expected to remain the dominant material type in the market during the forecast period. Growing composites content in the aerospace industry supported by excellent compatibility of titanium with composites, increasing penetration of lightweight materials, growing usage of titanium alloys in high-end cars to reduce weight and gain high strength, and desirable properties of titanium concerning corrosion resistance and thermal expansion are some of the factors behind the superior growth of titanium alloys in the market.

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Which Region Offers the Best Opportunity and Growth?

The report suggests that Asia-Pacific is projected to remain the largest and fastest-growing market for metal bellows during the forecast period.  This growth is majorly attributed to the following –

-  Driven by the huge dominance of the region in industries, such as automotive and semiconductor, the growing presence of key players in the aerospace industry to meet the huge demand and rapid development in emerging economies such as China and India.

Likewise, North America and Europe are also projected to generate a sizeable demand for metal bellows during the forecast period. The USA is the growth engine of the North American metal bellows market. The country is the hub for the aerospace industry with the presence of several aircraft OEMs, metal bellow suppliers, and raw material suppliers. Similarly, Germany, France, the UK, and Russia are the major markets in Europe.

Metal Bellows Market Drivers

Some of the key drivers listed in the report are given below.

-  The increased use of metal bellows in a variety of applications such as conventional boilers, gas turbines, expansion joints, mechanical seals, fuel gas duct systems, engine exhaust systems, thermal expansion tanks, and steam turbines.
-  The market is anticipated to increase due to the rapid growth of industries like automotive, aerospace & defense, power generation, oil & gas, and water treatment. These sectors have high adoption rates of metal bellows.

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Top 10 Companies in the Metal Bellows Market?

The market is highly populated with the presence of several local, regional, and global players. Most of the major players compete in some of the governing factors including price, product offerings, regional presence, etc. The following are the key players in the metal bellows market:

-  Senior plc (John Crane)
-  Freudenberg Group (EagleBurgmann)
-  Eaton Corporation Plc
-  EnPro Industries, Inc.
-  U.S Bellows, Inc.
-  Meggitt Plc
-  AESSEAL plc
-  Smith Group Plc
-  Witzenmann GmbH
-  MW Industries, Inc.

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