Meviy Introduces Large Radius Bending Inch Sheet Metal Parts

2 May 2024

Meviy, the leading parts procurement platform by MISUMI Group Inc., now offers support for adding large bends to, perfect for applications such as sensor covers or cowlings requiring seamless bends across large surfaces.

Basic Information

Material & Gauge Availability

Carbon Steel: 22 ga. (0.0299") - 11 ga. (0.1196")
304 Stainless Steel: 22ga. (0.0312") - 11 ga. (0.125")
5052 Aluminum: 0.025" - 0.125"

Lead Time

Without surface treatment: ~7 days
With surface treatment: ~9 days
*Expedited delivery option is unavailable for Large Radius bend parts

Common Errors and Solutions

If the model ends in a radius, an Automatic Quotation failure will occur. (Figure 1).
Be sure to provide a flange at both ends of the bend. (Figure 2).
*Please model the flanges according to our table on Minimum Bending Height for Large Radius Bending.

About meviy:

meviy is a next-generation manufacturing platform that offers instant quotations and on-demand custom mechanical parts services, empowering businesses to optimize efficiency and achieve unparalleled success in the competitive market landscape.


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