New 1.5-Mtpy high-speed, high-capacity bar mill for Sichuan Derun I&S Group Hangda Steel Co

28 January 2020

Danieli multi-strand slit rolling and Ultra-Fine Grain processing support flexibility, product quality, and high-production rates

Chinese enterprise Sichuan Derun I&S Group Hangda Steel Co. signed an order for the supply of a new mill to roll rebar products in the range from 12- to 40-mm diameter at rates up to 240 tph, starting from 170-mm billets weighing up to 2,600-Kg.

The main equipment to be installed in Dazhou, Sichuan province, China, consists of four housingless stands followed by two, four-pass finishing blocks.

Through an advanced, multi-strand slit-rolling system, rebars from 12- to 22-mm diameter will be rolled on two strands at finishing speeds of 45 mps.

The plant will be equipped with a water-cooling system for on-line cooling of bars, in order to obtain a final product with Ultra-Fine Grain (UFG) structure. The UFG process allows product flexibility, low deviation for mechanical properties, stable and tight product tolerances, and OpEx savings (varying according to the product mix), all while supporting high production rates.

A double high-speed twin channel arrangement will complete the installation, to perform the fast discharge of the bars on the cooling bed.

The high-speed technological equipment will be manufactured at Danieli HQ and integrated with the equipment manufactured by Danieli China.

Startup is foreseen for August 2020

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