Nucor chooses Danieli for Brandenburg Plate Mill Meltshop and Caster EOT cranes

21 April 2020

The handling processes for the melt shop of a new plant Nucor Corporation is building in Brandenburg, Kentucky, will rely on Danieli equipment.

The overhead cranes that will deliver scrap buckets to the furnace and transfer liquid steel to the caster ladle turret will be supplied by Danieli Centro Cranes.

In detail, the supply will consist of:

  • One charging crane 290(400)/75/25 short tons capacity, Class F(B);
  • Two teeming cranes, 290/75/25 short tons capacity, Class F; and,
  • One caster bay crane, capacity 220/45 short tons, Class E.

The equipment will be designed according to American CMAA-70 standards and will include a full, mechanical and electrical redundancy system for hoist mechanisms and horizontal movements.

The ordered cranes will feature a semi-automatic positioning system suitable to assist operators to optimize production cycle time and safety, guiding cranes to reference locations.

A regenerative-drive control system will make it possible to recover the dissipated energy during the braking time.

The heavy-duty cranes will be manufactured by the specialized workshops of Danieli and will be delivered within 2021 in order to support main plant construction erection.

For more info:
Ivo Budigna