OEMK masters the production of new steel grades tailored to customer requirements

24 January 2019

Steelworkers and scientists at the scientific and technical steel-smelting laboratory of the A.A. Ugarov Stary Oskol Technological Institute, a branch of the National University of Science and Technology MISiS (NUST MISiS), located at OEMK (part of Metalloinvest), have successfully developed a new steel grade at OEMK – sparingly alloyed chrome-manganese steel.

Ivan Malikov, Head of the Department of New Products at OEMK, said: “The new steel grade has been developed specifically for the Slovakian company HKS, a leading manufacturer of forgings and stamping products in Europe, which are used in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. The collaboration with the institute allowed us to satisfy the full range of technical requirements put forward by HKS.”

As explained by laboratory leader Alexei Kozhukhov, Head of the Department of Metallurgy and Steelmaking at the A.A. Ugarov Stary Oskol Technological Institute of NUST MISiS, 37 smeltings were carried out for the selection of chemical components of steel, which enabled the formation of mechanical, hardening and exploitational characteristics of the end product according to customer demands.

NUST MISiS employees have developed a mathematical model which makes it possible to estimate the hardening dependence of the metal and the mechanical properties from the chemical components of steel. This enables steelworkers to develop technological processes which guarantee a high quality of natural product.

Andrey Ugarov, First Deputy CEO and COO of Management Company Metalloinvest, said: “Metalloinvest has the important task of developing and improving innovative and highly-technological steel grades, as well as unique alloys based on clients’ orders. Every month OEMK smelts approximately 300 steel grades and there is ongoing work to expand the range of products as part of our comprehensive programme to enhance customer centricity and SBQ quality.”

Metalloinvest and the NUST MISiS invested over 60mn roubles to establish the scientific and technical steel-smelting laboratory which was launched in 2018. Experimental smelting in small quantities, which is impossible in OEMK’s 150-tonne industrial furnaces, is carried out in the laboratory in a vacuum-induction electric furnace with a maximum capacity of 60kg. This allows OEMK specialists to organise a large number of experiments and significantly reduces research costs.

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Source: metalloinvest.com