Petuum Partners with Russula to Bring Industrial AI Software to Global Steel Manufacturers

11 June 2021

Petuum today announced that Russula, a global engineering firm that delivers solutions to the steel industry has entered a strategic partnership with Petuum to develop advanced process control solutions powered by Petuum's Deep Learning Optimization software.

Petuum's award-winning Industrial AI product, Petuum Optimum delivers precise real-time forecasts for key process variables, prescriptive optimal targets for critical variables, and AI-led automation control. Petuum Optimum uses groundbreaking adaptive machine and deep learning AI software that can continuously re-learn and improve production output and quality control in supervised or fully autonomous steer modes.

"We are excited to work with Russula to implement our advanced AI led manufacturing capabilities for the steel industry. As the world recoveries from the Covid pandemic and industrial manufacturing gains greater momentum, Petuum' Industrial AI software is perfectly placed to revolutionize the next generation manufacturing by cutting emissions for a better planet while simultaneously increasing savings and yield optimization for our steel customers. We look towards a cleaner and better future with this strategic partnership with Russula."
- Rob Christenson, GM for Petuum Industrial AI

Petuum and Russula will be working with large global steel manufacturers to leverage Petuum's Optimum SaaS offering to provide prescient predictions across multiple use cases, starting with hot rolling mills. Optimum is cloud-native and built to seamlessly handle data management, advanced AI/ML model training, human machine interface (HMI), and rapid deployment across multiple sites. Through this partnership, Petuum and Russula are advancing Deep Learning Optimization to increase throughput, improve quality control, and lower energy consumption for steel manufactures at scale.

"This partnership between Russula and Petuum brings together top-notch engineering implementation with state-of-the-art AI software for steel manufacturing. As the steel industry moves towards an emissions free future and fully autonomous plants, we believe the codeveloped solutions with Petuum is the path forward to develop the next generation of rolling mills. We look forward to collaborating with Petuum to unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence in steel mills."
- Daniel Sánchez, Director of Operations Russula

About Petuum

Petuum, a leading provider of enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software, brings the most advanced AI methodologies and software offering to solve challenges that can't be addressed by traditional techniques. Petuum enables enterprises to design, build, experiment, customize, and operate multiple applied AI solutions in a wide range of industries. Our world class machine learning experts and deep subject matter specialists work in unison to operationalize our award-winning AI software to ensure continual success for our customers and partners. Visit us,

About Russula

Russula is a global engineering firm that provides rolling mill solutions, roll pass and operational guidance, water treatment solutions and automation to the largest steel producers in more than 30 countries. With its headquarters and workshop located in A Coruña, Spain, the company has major offices in Brazil, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia and USA. Combining unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities in steel manufacturing, Russula collaborates with steel producers to help them become high-performance businesses. Visit us: Follow us:

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