Plate Heat Exchanger FastFrame Saves Processors Valuable Time and Money

26 September 2023

APV, a part of SPX FLOW's suite of process solutions, released the new Plate Heat Exchanger FastFrame with improved usability and durability, saving time and money for food and beverage operators.  

The new FastFrame design includes:

  • Opening and closing via a powered wrench in under two minutes
  • Consistent tightening across the plate pack
  • Improved safety from leg/foot design

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The FastFrame series is a beneficial addition to many food and beverage processes, including dairy, egg, juice and processed food applications. Because the traditional method takes hours to complete, processors would lose valuable production to clean the heat exchanger plates daily, in some cases. This frame design significantly speeds up the process, taking only minutes.

Samuel Glover, SPX FLOW Global Product Manager for Plate Heat Exchangers: "These FastFrame updates were designed with customers in mind, many of which have worked with us for decades. The APV team is proud of the improvements made as we continue to innovate to provide the best solutions possible, whether saving our customers time, money or energy."

APV is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the APV invention of the plate heat exchanger. Richard Seligman, the founder of the APV Group, first introduced it in 1923.

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