Prodigy Processing Solutions Announces Manufacturing Partnership with Mitchell Fabricators

18 August 2023

Prodigy Processing Solutions ("Prodigy"), a trailblazer in the cannabis and hemp extraction industry, today announced its partnership with Ohio-based Mitchell Fabricators, a leader in fabrication and modularization of process piping, pressure vessels, and structural steel.

Owned by industry veteran Scott Mitchell, who boasts over 50 years of unmatched experience in manufacturing, Mitchell Fabricators brings unparalleled proficiency and innovation to Prodigy. Mitchell Fabricators areas of expertise include a coveted ASME Nuclear Component Certification, which requires the highest standards of precision manufacturing and unwavering compliance with stringent international industry codes.

As an equity partner of Prodigy, Scott Mitchell's deep understanding of manufacturing and his dedication to excellence align seamlessly with Prodigy's commitment to groundbreaking technology. He has already been an essential part of the design and manufacturing of the ProX cannabis extraction system.

"Our partnership with Mitchell Fabricators is more than a business collaboration; it's a fusion of traditions, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence." Marc Beginin, CEO of Prodigy, said. "Scott's invaluable expertise and our shared commitment to quality is instrumental to Prodigy's product development team."

Scott Mitchell's role extends beyond ownership; his hands-on contributions to the ProX's design have been instrumental in achieving the system's unique quality and capabilities. As a stalwart in the pressure vessel and manufacturing space, Scott's partnership with Prodigy has resulted in the ProX's unprecedented performance features, including ultra-cold operational temperatures and compatibility with a plethora of hydrocarbon and other solvents.

The collaboration between Prodigy and Mitchell Fabricators represents a significant advancement in the industry, merging half a century of manufacturing wisdom with state-of-the-art cannabis extraction technology. The ProX system sets an unparalleled standard and is the reflection of a shared vision for innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

"Working alongside the Prodigy team has been a remarkable journey," Scott Mitchell, Founder of Mitchell Fabricators, remarked. "The creation of the ProX system is a testament to what can be achieved when seasoned manufacturing expertise meets innovative vision. Together, we're creating products that will revolutionize the cannabis extraction industry. I'm proud to be part of this venture and excited for what the future holds."

For more information about Prodigy, visit or contact the company at 800-710-0815.

About Prodigy Processing Solutions

Prodigy Processing Solutions is the industry leader in cannabis extraction equipment. Offering state-of-the-art engineering, unparalleled customer service, expert operator training, and complete extraction lab solution packages, Prodigy provides businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the cannabis and hemp industries. On a mission to deliver the highest quality and most innovative extraction solutions, Prodigy is setting the pace for the future of the cannabis and hemp industries.

About Mitchell Fabricators LLC

With over 50 years of global experience, Mitchell Fabricators LLC is the leader in providing fabrication and modularization of process piping, pressure vessels, structural steel, and related equipment. Their robust capabilities, compliance with industry standards, and commitment to quality and safety have made them a key partner in the development of cutting-edge technologies in the process and energy industries. For more information, visit

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