Samarium Cobalt Magnet Demand to Expand 6.3% Annually Through 2023 - Freedonia Group Analysis

27 September 2019

CLEVELAND, Sept. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Global demand for samarium cobalt magnets is projected to expand at a 6.3% annual pace to $419 million in 2023 due to:

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  • increasing production of electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops
  • rising need for magnets with resistance to high temperatures and corrosive environments in industrial applications

However, supply constraints for raw cobalt and anticipated robust demand growth for electric vehicles, which utilize cobalt in lithium-ion batteries, could dampen the outlook for SmCo magnets if significant price hikes result for the materials needed to manufacture them. Efforts to recycle SmCo magnets in order to minimize the supply risk of samarium and cobalt and reduce the environmental problems connected with primary mining and ore processing could offset some potential price increases.

These and other trends are presented in the study Global Magnets from The Freedonia Group.

See the study page here:

According to project director Kyle Peters, "Despite its advanced economy, Western Europe is likely to witness promising growth in demand for cobalt magnets due to a ramp-up in EV production."

Many automobile manufacturers are investing in the production of EVs, including Volkswagen, which in 2018 invested $50 billion for mass production of EVs in Europe and reconfigured three plants in Germany for production of these vehicles.

Samarium cobalt magnets – which are also called rare earth cobalt, RECo magnets – are composed of the rare earth element samarium and cobalt, and typically also contain iron, copper, and zirconium. Along with neodymium magnets, samarium cobalt magnets are often referred to as rare earth magnets. Both bonded and sintered products are available.

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